Oxted Cat Care

Cat Sitter, Oxted, Hurst Green, Limpsfield, Crockham Hill, Edenbridge, Godstone

About us

I am Wendy, the co-owner of and Oxted Cat Care and Oxted Walkies. I carry out the majority of the cat care. I have been a cat owner for most of my life. Thoroughly trustworthy, having spent over 25 years working for a large, professional public sector organisation, I now pursue my passion for animals and have transferred my professionalism into Oxted Cat Care and Oxted Walkies, set up in 2013. I am a certified member of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters (NarpsUK). I have completed the NarpsUK Pet Sitters Business qualification, and have previously volunteered at the cattery at Last Chance Animal Rescue in Edenbridge.  I am a volunteer for the Cinnamon Trust charity. I am fully insured and disclosure checked.  I have completed training in COVID 19 pet procedures. 

This is my husband, Nick, who is co-owner of the Oxted Walkies and Oxted Cat Care business. Nick is mostly involved with Oxted Walkies, but he helps me out with cat feeding pop-in sessions at busy times. Nick is also fully insured and disclosure checked. 

Oxted Cat Care Ethics